Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Two Things

I can't say much about running. I'll never be the one cramming it down another person's throat and telling her how great it is and how much she'll love it and all about that runner's high bit. Running just isn't all that and that's the honest truth.

Nonetheless, there are two things I like about running.
  1. Thinking about running - I simply adore the idea of it. The picture in my mind of me in my snappy jogging outfit with my peppy ponytail swinging makes me happy. The thought of my heart pumping and my muscles working is exhilarating. Thinking about running is one of the best things about it, aside from the clothes.
  2. Finishing a run - What's better than being done and marking it off the list?
All the other stuff in between those two things, well, that stuff is all torture. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different. If it weren't torture, then everyone would be out running. The streets and sidewalks and trails would be so crowded with runners, I'd have to go at midnight just to have enough room to run. And if running was something everyone did, then what would be the sense of accomplishment in doing it myself?

That's something to think about.

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